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Online consultation – Collection of the Museu do Ipiranga

The Museu do Ipiranga has a system to query its database at this link. The collections already catalogued and digitalized can be searched in this system, allowing access to their information and respective images (in low resolution).

GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) – WIKIPÉDIA

The Museu do Ipiranga is part of the GLAM project from Wikipedia and its collection can be accessed through this link.

We have published about 33,500 images on the platform, classified as Public Domain, with the aim of spreading the collection efficiently and globally, democratizing access to the knowledge generated by the Institution. With this, the images can be downloaded in high resolution and used without any onus or prior authorization by the Paulista Museum, in a personal, professional, or commercial way, as long as the terms and conditions of use provided in the platform are respected.

The license used is Creative Commons (CC) – CC BY-SA 4.0. The terms may be consulted at this link.

We kindly request some information about the use of images for statistical control, by filling out the “Image Use Form – Public Domain”.

Suggested itinerary for researching the collection at the GLAM page of Museu do Ipiranga on Wikipedia

1. Access this link to obtain information about the collection (numbering, collection, authorship, etc.)
2. On the Glam platform, check if the item is already available by entering the numbering (e.g.: 1-19158-0000-0000, 19158) or the collection title in the "Search Wikipedia" box
3. You can also go to your favorite search engine and enter the numbering or the collection title, followed by the expression "GLAM Museu Paulista Wikipedia" (e.g. "Independence or Death GLAM Museu Paulista Wikipedia"). In the results, the option to be chosen is the one that begins with the expression "File" (e.g. "File:Pedro Américo – Independência ou Morte – Wikipedia")

High resolution images not available for download

In this situation, the interested party should fill out the "Image Request Form – High Resolution", at this link.

On-site research in the collections

Must be scheduled at the Scientific-Technical Section of Documentation and Collection Management, according to the type of collection, at the contacts below:

– Iconography and Textual Documents: atendimento.doc@usp.br / (11) 2065-8007
– Three-dimensional Papers and Paintings: objetos@usp.br / (11) 2065-8019
– Library Technical Service: biblmp@usp.br / (11) 2065-8012

During face-to-face research in the textual collections and in the library, photographic or video recording will be allowed only for academic purposes. The images may be taken with a cell phone, tablet or amateur camera, and are characterized as "reference images", which are intended to assist later in the continuity of the research;

Such records, made for academic purposes, are not subject to charges nor to the subsequent sending of the material produced to the Museum.

Photos and videos

Internal area of the Museum

Outside area of the Museum