Three-dimensional simulation of the Monument-Building, seen in diagonal perspective, with the sky at dusk.

About the Museum

Museu do Ipiranga is the main building of the Paulista Museum, which is a museum specialized in history and material culture and is part of the University of São Paulo.

The building where the exhibits and spaces for educational and cultural activities are housed today was designed to be a monument commemorating the Proclamation of Independence, which occurred in 1822. The building was constructed between 1885 and 1890. In 1894, the newly created Museu do Estado (Paulista Museum) was transferred to the monument.

This is how the stories of São Paulo’s oldest public museum and the Monument to Independence got mixed up and, since then, it has become known as Museu do Ipiranga.

Discover a new Museum, expanded with double the area and completely accessible.

Monument Building Building. There are dozens of people in front of the Building. Some mounted on horseback.

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