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Requests to loan the collection must be sent directly to the administration, at

The regulation below provides guidelines on loans of collection to integrate exhibitions of other institutions:

Article 1 – The MP-USP’s collection is protected by the Institute of National Historic and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN), and is subject to the provisions of Decree-Law no. 25, of November 30, 1937. There is no restriction regarding the displacement of property, as long as its good state of conservation, adequate packaging, transport, and safekeeping are ensured, as well as the previously established return date, except in the cases foreseen in article 14 of the aforementioned Decree-Law; Article 2 – Temporary lending of collection units can range from 24 hours to six months;

Single paragraph: the loan of units for a term longer than six months will be subject to an Agreement, in accordance with Resolution 4715, dated 10/22/1999, DOE 10/27/1999, and will be formally processed by the Rector’s Office higher authorities.

Article 3 – The interested Institution will officially request the loan to the MP-USP’s Management, with the following information:

I – a list of the desired collection units, with their respective identification codes;

II – the intended period for the loan;

III – the exhibition project, indicating the location, supports, technical equipment, and safety and environmental conditions;

IV – the written commitment that the collection units will have adequate lighting and environmental conditions, as determined by the MP-USP experts;

V – the insurance must cover departure and return transportation and the exposure period (“nail by nail”), in the amount corresponding to the evaluation provided by the MP-USP;

VI – the current insurance policy must be sent before the collection units are removed;

VII – the acknowledgement of the content of this Ordinance and its full acceptance, without reservations.

Article 4 – Loan requests, with the documents required in Article 3, must be sent to the Director of the MP-USP at least three months before the date on which the collection will leave the institution.

Single paragraph: in cases of exceptional requests for loans after the period established in article 4, the Deliberative Council may express authorization, in writing.

Article 5 – Requests for loans will be reviewed according to their pertinence, availability, and state of conservation of the requested collection units. The internal documentation – opinions and reports – will be submitted to the Deliberative Council/MP for appreciation and approval, according to Resolution 4393, of May 8th, 1997, art. 5, item XX. Article 6 – If the request is approved, the requesting institution will receive the following information about the collection units in question: dimensions and value for insurance, conditions for display – lighting, security, display mode, and environment – as well as recommendations for packaging and transportation. If the requested collection requires restoration, MP-USP will provide an estimative cost of the work. Article 7 – Packaging, transportation, insurance, courier service, the eventual need for a previous inspection of the exhibition space, and the restoration work that may be necessary will be at the expense of the requesting institution. For the latter, the requesting institution may indicate a restoration company, which must be approved and its work supervised by the MP-USP. Article 8 – MP-USP will not receive companies to make the transportation estimates, which are exclusively under the responsibility of the requesting institution. However, if the hired company proceeds in such a way that compromises the physical integrity of the borrowed units, the MP-USP employee accompanying the proceedings may suspend the service until the appropriate procedures are observed. Article 9 – The schedule for the removal and return of collection units will be established consensually between MP-USP and the requesting institution;

Sole Paragraph: The Conservation Service will appoint an employee from MP-USP’s Scientific and Technical Division of Collections and Curatorship to inspect the packing, transportation, exhibition mounting, and also the dismounting and return, paying special attention to the state of conservation, in order to prepare the return reports.

Article 10 – The references to the MP-USP must appear in the texts and subtitles in the exhibition, catalogs, publicity materials, as well as other cultural products related to the event.

§ 1st paragraph: the indications must follow the instructions provided by the MP-USP, including the use of the logotype;

§ 2nd paragraph: The failure to observe this article will result in the removal of the units and their return to the MP-USP, and the costs of the entire operation will be on account of the requesting Institution.

Article 11 – The loans of collection units may be renewed if the relevant request is sent to the Director’s Office at least thirty (30) days before the end of the commitment.

Single paragraph: reevaluation and inspection of collection units will be mandatory for the consideration of loan renewal.

Article 12 – MP-USP, as a counterpart to the loan and renewals, may charge fees, which must be paid to the Research Fund:

§ Paragraph 1: the charge per collection unit will be of a minimum wage in accordance with the State legislation;

§ 2nd paragraph: the financial resources must be paid in advance of the date set for the removal of the pieces.

Article 13 – During the course of the exhibition, the MP-USP may inspect the exhibition site and, if any problems are found, the collection units will be removed, after formal communication to the responsible institution, anticipating the return. Article 14 – In the case of itinerant exhibitions and/or with geographical stages, the travel itinerary must be attached to the request, and MP-USP may ask the requesting Institution to cover the costs of tickets and daily expenses so that MP-USP can supervise each stage of disassembly and reassembly. Article 15 – This Regulation will come into effect on the date of its publication, and any provisions to the contrary are cancelled.

São Paulo, December 9th, 2009

Cecília Helena Lorenzini de Salles Oliveira
Director of Museu Paulista of USP