Woman with her back to the viewer watching a reproduction of the screen


The Museu do Ipiranga’s Educational Activity is organized in three areas that include visits, training, and other proposals related to the different profiles of the institution’s audience. Check out below what these areas are!

Children doing paintings, sitting on the floor, with papers and paints.
School Audiences

Educational proposals oriented at some of the Museu do Ipiranga’s closest audiences: teachers and students of various ages and stages of schooling.

People touching diverse objects.
Inclusive Public

Educational actions focused on expanding the access and participation of different audiences to the Museum, according to their specific needs, such as people with disabilities and those in socially vulnerable situations, as well as other audiences.

A group of people having, in the background, trees from the Museum's garden.
Spontaneous Audience

Activities specially prepared for visitors who spontaneously attend the museum, such as families, tourists and spectators in general.