Handsof a person manipulating a notebook with braille text.


Website accessibility:

Accessibility in Museu do Ipiranga website aims to promote the access of people with disabilities by providing tools that assist in navigation and offers a better user experience.

Museu do Ipiranga website has observed the main accessibility recommendations, and especially the World Wide Web Consortium (WCAG) recommendations, and in the Brazilian case, the e-MAG (Modelo de Acessibilidade em Governo Eletrônico).

At the top of the website of Museu do Ipiranga there is an accessibility bar where standard navigation shortcuts are found and the option to change the contrast.

There are also menu with navigation anchors, with direct links to content, search, footer and navigation – available through the tab key.

The shortcut patterns of the Museu do Ipiranga website are:

Museum accessibility:

The Museum offers a range of resources and services to welcome all visitors. During the visit, you can use the audio guide, which is available in a web-basedto version for the entire Museum audience, as well as the audio description and Libras resources. All areas of the building can be accessed by ramps or elevators. The exhibits are equipped with tactile floor and resources for touch and sensory exploration.