Three-dimensional simulation of the Monument-Building, seen in diagonal perspective, with the sky at dusk.


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Check out a tribute from Brasil Jazz Sinfônica and TV Cultura to the bicentennial of Independence and to the construction workers of the New Ipiranga Museum.

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Huge stone sculpture by Fernão Dias Paes Leme, a man with a hat, a long-sleeved blouse and a cape. A History of Brazil Know more Buy Ticket
Old map of Brazil, with drawings of trees, animals such as birds of different colors and monkeys. There is also the ocean. Territories in Dispute Know more Buy Ticket
Small porcelain sculpture representing a man and a woman. The man is on top of a tree picking fruit. Houses and Things Know more Buy Ticket
Coin in rounded shape in silver color. In the center it reads "320". There are drawings that refer to flowers, in the corners of the coin. Listing: Coins and Medals Know more Buy Ticket
Aerial photo of the region where the Ipiranga Museum is located, with the Monument-Building and the French-style garden. The City Seen from Above Know more Buy Ticket
Set of crockery, with a large oval-shaped plate on which there are 6 small pots with lids. Communicating: Dishes Know more Buy Ticket
Photograph of Estação da Luz taken in 1904. In front of the station you can see people, carts and horses. Collecting: Images and Objects Know more Buy Ticket
From September onwards, the new spaces of Museu do Ipiranga
Localização do museu


Rua dos Patriotas, 20 - Ipiranga - São Paulo/SP
CEP 04207-030

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 5pm.

Presentation of the National Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate is required.

Opening on holidays according to schedule.

Controlled access to the Lookout.

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The timeline invites
you to travel
through the history of the Museum.

Side of the Monument Building and, in the foreground, men in colorful clothes with musical instruments.


Courses, lectures and cultural events are among the activities on our activities agenda.
A group of children putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The game is on the floor, in the center of the photo.


Our educational action is organized into three areas: visits, training and other proposals related to the institution's different audience profiles.
A woman bent over a table. She uses a brush-like object to restore a work of paper.


Through the Museum's extensive collection, researchers can investigate the history of São Paulo and aspects of Brazilian society.